What is the Bulletin Board?

The Bulletin Board is a way for users to adopt pre-made mini plots or go on adventures with other players, without needing to try to mill up something completely from scratch. It will hold everything ranging in importance from the primary ongoing storyline, to single one-shots that stand independently on their own. Its function is to not only keep everything in an organized little cluster for reference, but it will also promote community interaction for players to compile teams when they are needed to seek out answers or results.

Can I Post My Own Plots?


Small stories and call to arms are always able to be started by any user on the forum. Make your own mysteries, try to do your own little adventures with NPCs, or go on errands that end in shenanigans and fun. As long as it doesn't fall over into HUGE PLOT TERRITORY that forces other players to get involved? Then you are safe and don’t need Admin approval (unless you want to seek the gold stamp of A-OK from us anyway to be safe). What defines if the plot is too BIG to be readily posted without Administration approval comes down to a simple question...

Can another player ignore the adventure if they want to?

An example of this is Carbine. He found a severed Cybertronian hand in a landfill. No one knows who it is, and no one knows what happened to her. Carbine could choose to dump it and never reference it again, or he could pick up that plot and actively try to seek it out. This storyline is there, it is real, but it doesn't change great faction rifts and doesn't force other players to get involved if the mystery doesn't interest them.

These sorts of plots? Anyone can do!

Approvals must be gotten for MECH, or Haven related topics however.

If you want to get your event posted, reply to the Bulletin Board page with your listing, and it will be added accordingly.

What About Big Plots?

When it comes to huge site encompassing plots you need to contact Administration, and because the forum is on the slower side (and the fact we have some ideas already lined up to come), getting BIG changes implemented are really hard and a long waiting game. These include full faction affecting crisis that characters can't easily ignore (such as the Cruor disease), and then big traumas that physically CAN'T be ignored by any player of the faction (such as the Nemesis' Crash).

Please be aware that these plots can't be done often, and are rather restrictive at the moment.

How Do I Post as Random Event?

The NPC profile is activated on a case-by-case basis once a user posts something to the Bulletin Board or applies to get it activated for general use. This feature is a simple plugin that allows you to post as 'Random Event', in a similar manner to the Admins and their Administration/MECH posts.

Once your character has been approved (as it is character specific, not account) simply type a post as normal, but before submitting hit the small sword icon to the left of 'Add Attachment'. If you forget and post it under your character by mistake, the option to turn it into an NPC post is still available, simply by clicking the sword icon next to 'Quote'.

It sounds tricky, but it's easy to get the hang of! If you have any questions or need a more in depth guide, poke an Admin and we'll be happy to help you sort it out!